Institute of Vocational Training redesign

The project relates to the complete renovation (functional and morphological) of the interiors of a seven-storey existing building, with a net surface area of 3.000m2, located on the N. Kountouriotou Avenue, originally used as office building.

Requirement of the Institute administration is the complete redesign of all interior spaces and infrastructures so that the building in its final form represents the modern educational profile of AKMI S.A. The outer shell of the building is kept intact, while the interior modifications and structures does not affect its basic structure. An important aspect of the design was the preservation of the elements and materials of the existing building as much as possible, in order to reduce the cost of the investment.

  • Project: Institute of Vocational Training.
  • Employer: AKMI S.A.
  • Location: Thessaloniki, Macedonia.
  • Category: Design & Construction.
  • Implementation Period: 05 / 2017 – 08 / 2017