Three Storey Residence in Nea Philadelphia, Attica

In a plot of 253m2, was designed and built duplex house with pilotis, with provision for two additional floors.

Due to technical limitations, it was not possible to determine the time it would remove the restriction on building heights in the area, the owners decided to proceed with the construction of only two standard apartments that would meet temporary their needs.

A particular design challenge was to create interesting faces with unique tools, color and combination of materials in a building which lacks the ability to edit it’ s volume, due to the full usage of the width of the plot, depletion of building coverage and formal organization of openings and balconies.

  • Project:Three Storey Residence
  • Employer:Individual
  • Location: Nea Philadelphia, Attica
  • Category: Design & Construction
  • Implementation Period: 2005 – 2006